Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Potential '08 Dems

Which of the following candidates do you think would fare best in a general election dominated by two issues: Iraq and out of control government spending?

Evan Bayh
Joe Biden
Wesley Clark
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
Russ Feingold
Bill Richardson
Mark Warner

Kitchen Table Issues and "Homeland Security"

With the electorate clamoring for pragmatic solutions to real cost of living issues, successful candidates in the midterm election need to focus attention on the kitchen table issues of average Americans. Homeland security should be broadly construed to encompass a restoration of economic security: from jobs to energy costs to healthcare affordability. What does it really mean for America to be secure?

A discussion around security will require a cogent presentation of a party's values, a significant burden for the Democrats and their laundry list of disparate pet issues.


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